Hunting Creek Vineyards offers views into several different aspects of our operation. Join us for the full grape growing, wine making, and wine tasting experience.

For over night visits to the county and other fun activities we recommend Springfield 1982. Next door you can visit Springfield Distillery which offers a fabulous tasting room for their Scratch Whiskey selection.


Enjoy a tasting of our 3 white wines, a Rose`, 4 red wines, and our Ruby Port style in the barn every Saturday from 11-5, no reservation required.



Take in the views and history of Hunting Creek Vineyards as you tour our vineyard, crush pad, and winery. Schedule a tour to compliment. your wine pairing or library wine tasting with the owners/winemakers. (Call or E-mail in advance)


Barrel Previews

Preview what is coming next for Hunting Creek Vineyards with a trip to our wine cellar. Schedule a preview to compliment your wine pairing or library wine tasting with the owners/winemakers. (Preview 2 wines for $6) (Call or E-mail in advance)


Pairing Options

Wine flight of 3 with light fare for $15

Wine flight of 5 with light fare for $22

(Call or E-mail in advance)


Library Wines Tasting

Reminisce with the owners/winemakers while tasting our previously highlighted wines in the winery. The library wines range in age from 2008-current. Every year we place 3 cases of each red wine in the library for aging. We use these wines to evaluate the longevity of each vintage and to appreciate the wines' "time in the bottle". $30 a bottle, limit 2 bottles.

(Simple cheese board included Call or E-mail in advance)